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Tell others how to treat you!

"What you wear tells others how to treat you"

We are always talking about the importance of meeting face to face to make that first impression, it can be daunting - our advice is to be yourself. That is easier said than done, but if you feel you need some help we highly recommend a Style & Image session with Mary McGuigan. From styling tips to help choosing the colours that suit you best Mary can help you make the most of what you have.

Meet Mary -

My name is Mary I run Corporate & Creative Image which is a styling and Image Consultancy. My background has mainly been in Accountancy but after some hardcore personal development I realised I wanted something more colourful and creative. I wanted to feel more visible.

I provide both styling and image services helping people dress for their colouring, shape, lifestyle and personality. My aim is to align the outside with the inside so you can be your authentic self. It is only when we are truly ourselves that we can attract like minded people and achieve our goals whether that be to get a new job or to find a love partner.

Confidence plays a major role in all this which is why I get you to become an expert in yourself. It is only then that you can accomplish anything. Everyone has it within them and it's not a question of "can I?" but more "who's going to help me?"

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