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Picture not so perfect - Physical attraction

It can be tempting to quickly swap photos when a match is made, and you may think it doesn't cost anything, but in reality if you are doing this you might as well take a backwards step and still be swiping on free dating apps like Tinder or plenty of fish.

Claire Hart who teaches the psychology of attraction, states that the five factors of physical attraction are - Physical nearness, repeated exposure, reciprocity, similarity, familiarity and lastly physical attractiveness. Studies show that to really rule out any attraction you need to have a minimum of three dates in person.

Physical attraction is important for many single people, we all know how quickly you make a decision on someones appearance when you see a photo. But you are missing out on so much more, how they smile, laugh, smell, and the most important thing is how they make you feel in person.

By making your decision based on a photo you are actually more likely to be deciding, sub-consciously, if the photo itself is aesthetically pleasing, and not giving the person a chance at all.

I took a lot into consideration, including our own trials with swapping photos and blind dating, research and doing a BA (Hons) in Photography when developing our matchmaking method. So you can be assured there is a reason for us asking you not to swap photos and trust the process.

Our advice is to take the time to wait and meet your match in person, give them a chance of seeing the real you. You have invested your time and money into this process for yourself, a match has been chosen specifically for you, and you deserve the chance of being seen and so do they.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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