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Hello and welcome to Diamond Dates

I was very lucky to have met my husband through online dating. While I had been looking online to meet someone I really was just about to abandon the search and give up looking. in frustration, I remember wishing I could just phone someone up and ask them to go out and find him for me. I knew I wasn't going to meet the right person for me on a night out, and I had my fair share of disaster dates.

Sharing so much of my information online wasn't comfortable for me, who knows who is really seeing that for a start?

Attempts to join dating agencies had failed - I was either too intimidated or couldn't afford it.

Now here I am being that person who searches to find the person you just know is out there but you don't know where to find them. When I set up Diamond Dates dating agency here in Northern Ireland I knew I wanted to be inclusive of everyone regardless of status or ability so I've kept the joining process as simple as possible, and the cost affordable.

So if you feel you need someone on your side, doing the searching for you - get in touch!

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