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For those who struggle with the idea of online dating, whether you are worried about privacy and fake

accounts or simply how fast-paced and vain it can be - using a dating agency can be the answer.


We offer an alternative to online dating and have been helping people for years to overcome loneliness

and isolation so have lots of experience and understand the benefits of having a partner.  


Make the first move and call today 07518403695 or purchase membership by clicking here.

Based in Co Down, our reputation has grown significantly and so has our reach.  

We now offer match making services throughout Ireland and England and internationally.

 If you are not sure we cover where you are get in touch to find out.

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Diamond Dates Helping to Find Your Perfect Match

County Down based dating agency Diamond Dates - offers a private and confidential service.  Providing clients with support and advice throughout their journey. 

Although matchmaking is a large part of what we do, we also help people find friendship, companionship, gain confidence in themselves and help improve social skills too. 


Our club is fully inclusive, all ages and abilities welcome and no one should rule themselves out of the chance of meeting someone new – we truly believe there is someone for everyone and we aim to help them find each other. 


In many cases people have always prioritised family or a career over themselves, and later in life realise that it is time to meet someone to share their life with.  Knowing where to start can be difficult.   


Online dating can work but it is not for everyone, by getting the help of an agency you can avoid online fears and speak to someone real who has been there done that when it came to ‘finding the one’.  Unlike online dating, anyone you are introduced to will have been chosen for you.


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From our Clients

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"We would like to thank you for getting myself and John together, we have been together as a couple for 3 months and are moving in together.  Again, thank you very much."

—  Bernie

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